post production agency
based in Istanbul


ABS Film Studios, which used to produce commercials, news and documentary ufb01lms from 1955 to 1982, reestablished itself as Sinefekt Film Laboratories in 1983 with the participation of some outstanding names and agencies in the Turkish advertisement market. Its primary aim was to upgrade its technology and service quality according to the latest developments in the world.



In 1984, all the laboratory equipment taken over from ABS ufb01lm studios was replaced by state of the art technology.
Only two years later, in 1986, audio and video studios, and a telecine system were included in our facilities.
Since then, Sinefekt has been giving high quality post-production service to almost all the production houses and agencies in Turkey. It upgraded its technology parallel to the developments in the world, most of the time before its European competitors. It also trained many young talents and formed a very strong team with a lot of experience and a very good command of new post production techniques.



Starting in the year 1995, Sinefekt established a very strong digital effects department, and tranformed all its facilities to digital computer technology.
Since December 2000, Sinefekt 2019s laboratory has been the only accredited film laboratory in Turkey for Kodaku2019s Image Care program.