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We set up and configured our own video server for offline editing. With this system, all the editors can work in their preferred suites within the access level granted for their own projects.

Visual Effect

Multiple artists can work simultaneously on a given project in our online suites which are connected over a very fast video network speeding up delivery times. Our Flame systems are always kept on the latest version allowing us to access newest digital raw camera footage.


We work with talented Maya specialists for all the different aspects of 3D animation including but not limited to, product modelling, organic modelling, character design, rigging and animation, fluid simulations, particle animations.


Our sound editors provide voice casting, directing and sound engineering services apart from daily audio jobs. We rely on industry standard ProTools digital audio systems integrated closely with our offline and online suites.

Feature Films

Sinefekt has provided not only laboratory services but also all post production services for more than 500 feature films which hold an important place among Turkish Cinema industry such as Muhsin Bey, Eskiya, GORA, AROG, İklimler, Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz, Eyvah Eyvah, Fetih. In addition to the Turkish market, Sinefekt provides these services for many other countries like Egypt, Syria, Greece, Macedonia, Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and India.

Video Transfer and Transcoding

Data is the most important asset in modern post production workflows. The actual flow of data inside the facility is managed from ingest to final delivery and versioning to archiving by this department. For the sake of backwards compatibility, we still support all the common tape based formats.